This is my first C# project! I'm a fan of Blender and the ManuelbastioniLAB add-on and I wanted to be able to animate it using motion capture. I discovered NI-Mate and a nice Blender-addon, which allows Blender to receive the OSC messages sent from NI-Mate.

I found the retargeting rather complex and was wondering, if there's an easier way around this...

Searching the web revealed that I was at least 2 years behind everyone else in the quest for easy motion capture! I ended up buying a Kinect 2 for Windows and with the help of the real pioneers was able to create Kinector.



  1. Attach Kinect 2 with PC adapter, if not done already
  2. Install Kinect for Windows Runtime 2.0, if not done already
  3. Download Kinector and extract all files
  4. Run Kinector and do funny things until you see a red face


  1. Install the Blender add-on
  2. Create a ManuelbastioniLAB,MB-Lab, Makehuman or Rigify model
  3. Move that model to kinector slot 1
  4. Uncomment the desired mode in kinector.ini and start Kinector.exe
  5. Click "Start" in the Kinector add-on and have fun
  6. Enable auto-keyframing and hit Alt-a to record all the fun

  • Face Smooth sets the size of the smoothing queue for the facial expressions
  • Joint Smooth does the same for the body
  • Face Strength magnifies (or reduces) expressions
  • Minimum Delta sets a threshold for sending OSC data to Blender (to reduce keyframes and jitter)
  • Position scale allows to match the character movement to it's size
  • Calibrate puts the character to 0,0,0 (3 seconds after click)

Known issues

  • Arms don't always do what you'd expect (works best if you're facing Kinect straight-on)
  • Legs go haywire if you turn body


If you find it useful, save or make tons of money using it...


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